Purdy: Paraag Marathe and his back story are a slice of 49ers intrigue

SARATOGA — Do you know Paraag Marathe? You don’t know Paraag Marathe.

“Hey, it’s the same oven!” he exclaimed.

We had just entered the front door of Mountain Mike’s pizza parlor. Marathe grew up blocks away. But this was far more than Marathe’s old stomping ground. This was much more.

“I don’t know how long it’s been since I was here,” Marathe said, gazing around. “I helped my dad set up this place. I hired the first employees, I picked out this furniture. I picked this color scheme.”

Yes, it turns out there is a lot that all of us don’t know about Paraag Marathe. I used to think that was exactly how he and the 49ers wanted it. But as we sat down for a nearly two-hour lunch at the restaurant that this family once owned, a lot of insightful doors opened up into the team’s mystery man.

Published on The Mercury News website on 8.7.17
Written by: Mark Purdy