January 2014 E-Newsletter

Volunteer Receives 49ers Community Quarterback Award

Debra Shlesinger, EDRC Volunteer, & Steve Bono, former 49ers Quarterback

On November 22nd, the San Francisco 49ers Foundation, in partnership with NFL Charities, hosted its annual 49ers Community Quarterback Award luncheon to recognize local individuals who devote their time to improving the lives of Bay Area residents. EDRC volunteer, Debra Schlesinger, was selected among 5 other finalists who will be acknowledged on-field at the December 1st pre-game against the St. Louis Rams at Candlestick Park. EDRC will also receive a check presented by former 49ers Quarterback Steve Bono.

The Community Quarterback Awards are always a highlight of the year for the 49ers – it is heartening to see how many people are dedicated to transforming the fabric of the Bay Area. When reviewing the applications, we are amazed and inspired by the tremendous dedication to philanthropic giving of those in our community.”Joanne Pasternack, 49ers Foundation/Community Relations Director

Debra joined EDRC in 2007 when she started the first and only support groups for families and friends of those struggling with an eating disorder. Members of Debra’s group comment: they “don’t know what [they] would do without the group;” it is the only place they “feel safe, understood and supported;” and the “education, information, and sense of hope is invaluable.” Along with supporting clients individually, Debra started Mothers Against Eating Disorders (MAED) facebook page for members to post their struggles and triumphs, support one another, and share treatment information. The group now has 250 members. Congrats, Debra, and thank you for your support and advocacy in our community!

Welcome to New Board Member, Denise Johnson!

Denise Johnson, EDRC Board Member

We are pleased to announce the addition of Denise Johnson, RN, BSN, MBA, to our Board of Directors. In her role as the Continuum Administrator at Kaiser Permanente San Jose, she and her team are responsible for the care of patients as they leave the hospital and enter alternative care.

“After meeting with the EDRC Board and staff, I felt the organization aligns with my overall personal as well as professional vision and mission,” said Johnson. “My goddaughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder two years ago. The challenges around the diagnosis itself, acceptance, treatment, and family dynamic issues are huge. I greatly appreciate what EDRC is doing in the community in this important area and am excited to be involved.”

Tushita Gupta, EDRC Volunteer

Denise represents EDRC on the planning committee for the second annual Strong Girls, Strong Women Leadership Conference hosted by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Office of Women’s Policy (OWP). Winners of our annual Every Body’s Beautiful Essay contest, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, will be recognized at the conference. Tushita Gupta, our high school volunteer, is coordinating the 2014 contest for middle and high school students, which invites them to write about their definition of beauty and the effects of media on self-image.

Double Duty in D.C.

April Winslow, EDRC Volunteer

Volunteer April Winslow, MS, RD, represented EDRC in September at the national Eating Disorder Coalition (EDC) fall lobby day. As the state leader for California and Utah, April led her team into face-to-face meetings with members of the House of Representatives and Senate. The team sought bi-partisan support for the FREED Act (Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders; HR 2101) and proposed a new bill to bring awareness and prevention curriculum to existing government programs.

A few weeks later, Board member Mary Griffith joined 301 passionate advocates for the 2013 National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Conference and lobby day.

NEDA Conference and Lobby Day

“I was thrilled to be part of one of the 60 teams that called on 210 members of Congress. We educated and encouraged their support for new legislation to cover mental health counseling under Medicare: the Mental Health Accessibility Act. We secured the support of new senators and congressman such as Representative Jim Langevin of Rhode Island and congressman Anna Eshoo.” As a result of these efforts, the EDC announced the passing of a parity final rule for eating disorders. Read more here.

Must Reads

“When my wife Sofia and I stumbled upon the old flower farm, we instantly knew that with its natural resources, this would be a place of hope and healing. Through Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Organic Farming, Marine Biology, and Ecotherapy, clients rediscover a healthy relationship with food and physical activity. We are grateful for EDRC’s vital partnership in awareness events, education, and recovery efforts.”Matt Keck, MFT, Director/Founder

Your Contributions at Work

“My daughter has been at Avalon Hills treatment center a little over a month now. EDRC and their support group helped make this happen.”Mother

“Through EDRC’s partnership in bringing Dr. Katja Rowell to Santa Clara County, we increased awareness of the role of feeding practices in the development of child disordered eating. Tools were given to pediatric service providers and parents on how to ‘take anxiety and conflict off the dinner table’ and prevent these disorders.”Dr. Carol Danaher, MPH, RD, Childhood Feeding Collaborative

“Thank you to Dr. Lisa Groesz and EDRC for the presentation ‘How to Identify and Manage Eating Disorders in Adolescent Settings.’ We appreciated learning about clinical strategies, the implications of stress, and when and to whom to refer our students.”  –Darin Conway, LCSW, Counseling and Support Services for Youth (CASSY) Los Gatos Site Director

“Having support groups and access to people who understand makes all the difference in recovery. Thank you for ensuring that no one is forgotten, left alone, helpless, and hopeless.”Jeanie Olson, Donor

Good Tidings to You

Kira Olson, EDRC Program Manager

The holiday season is an opportunity to recognize and thank our donors, Board members, volunteers, and partners for giving of your heart, time, and resources. With your help, we are making a lasting impact on the community and guiding people toward recovery.

We are excited to share that this year our Program Manager,Kira Olson, celebrated Thanksgiving in Rancho Santa Marta, Mexico. She and her team built two roofs in three days, constructed a wall around a house, and coordinated games for the kids. In addition, she recently ran the Las Vegas Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon to benefit the Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

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