Fall 2011 E-Newsletter

Blue Shield Must Pay for Anorexia Treatment

An appeals court decision has ordered Blue Shield of California to pay for a policyholder’s anorexia treatment, calling on insurers to treat mental illness with the same level of care as physical illness is treated. Kudos to attorney Lisa Kantor and the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals for this landmark legislation that will help so many with eating disorders and other mental health illness get the treatment needed to recover and required by parity law. READ MORE…

Lives on the Line by Sheila Himmel

Published on Psychology Today in Sheila’s Blog

You have a life-threatening illness–the highest death of rate of any mental health diagnosis. Higher than schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disease. Your doctors recommend residential treatment, which is expensive but a lot less than hospitalization.

Your insurance company says no.

When this happens to patients battling severe anorexia, or to their parents or spouses, most of us cave. We pay what we can, go into debt, try a treatment that is covered but doesn’t work, pray. Jeanene Harlick had the gumption to sue. At the end of August, she won a landmark victory against Blue Shield of California. READ MORE…

EDRC Featured on ABC7’s “Beyond the Headlines”

Community leaders, Dr. Christine Pappas and Joelle Maletis, represented EDRC on ABC7’s Emmy award-winning public affairs show “Beyond the Headlines” with Cheryl Jennings.  The show aired on Sunday, September 18th and discussed eating disorders and the ways they impact families across the Bay Area. Dr. Pappas and Joelle were joined by Dr. Jim Lock and Dr. Cynthia Kapphahn from Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Elizabeth Scott from The Body Positive, and Regina Cox, a college student who recovered from an eating disorder. The show is available to view online, so please check it out!

Please Join Us!

Sunday, October 9th at 1:00 pm at Camera 12 Cinemas, 201 S. Second Street, San Jose. Join us for the national premiere of America the Beautiful Part 2: The Thin Commandments – A Look at our Unhealthy Obsession with Dieting and Other Weighty Matters. This sequel by producer Darryl Roberts is being released nationally by Warner Brothers the following week in New York. Be the first to see this important film. ***Thanks to our sponsors, La Ventana Treatment Programs, Reasons Eating Disorder Center, and Oceanaire/Center for Discovery Eating Disorder Program, a block of tickets has been donated and entry into this event is now FREE of charge, while supplies last. Please contact the EDRC office to reserve your tickets today!

Tuesday, October 11th at 4:30 pm in the SJSU Engineering Auditorium, Room 189. Join The Body Positive’s Co-Founder, Connie Sobczak, and Student Leader, Jessica Diaz, in a discussion about how to find pleasurable, sustainable self-care in bodies of all shapes and sizes. Learn about The Body Positive’s Intuitive Health™ Model, which allows all people the opportunity to become free from body hatred and disordered eating, and encourages the celebration of beauty as dynamic, diverse, and alive.

Spotlight on Our Donors

Recent gifts include funding from Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Lockheed Martin Employees’ Foundation, and El Camino Hospital Foundation. Barbara Avery, Community Benefits Director at El Camino stated, “We are very committed to supporting the important work you do.” We are grateful to our generous donors whose support enables us to continue our successful programs and services.

Bulimia: A Disease Dismissed by Max Sala

The accounts of anorexia and its life-threatening implications are all too candid. As the number one mental disease with the highest mortality rate, anorexia nervosa undoubtedly causes a stir in society, a rift in news and a shock to the conscience. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options for those in need raging from acute care in hospitals to long term residential treatment centers across the United States and Canada. It is all too chilling to witness the steady, tragic downfall as weight declines and health deteriorates. Bulimia, however, takes on a much more silent approach. READ MORE…

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