December 2012 E-Newsletter

Thank You for Making the NEDA Walk A Success!

On September 22, 2012, EDRC and Cielo House partnered with National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to host San Jose’s first ever NEDA Walk, designed to raise awareness about eating disorders. Taking place in downtown San Jose at Plaza de Cesar Chavez, the symbolic and fun event brought a crowd of nearly 300 people and surpassed its fundraising goal by $3,000. Funds raised will go toward continued outreach in the areas of awareness, education, recovery, and advocacy in order to save more lives from this life threatening illness.

A special thanks to all the sponsors including presenting sponsor Cielo House, an eating disorders treatment program in Willow Glen. We also want to thank guest speaker, Tracey Gold, star of Growing Pains and Starving Secrets; the local band Rear Window; and Lissa Kriesler from KBAY who emceed the event. Thank you to our photographer, Russ Lee, for photographing the event, and to our committee members, Jamie Lopez, Kathy James, Laura Griffith, Mary Griffith, Sara Leung, and Janice Bremis for the time, energy, and organization put into making this event a success.

We are so grateful for the support of our donors and walkers – together, we were able to take a stand and spread awareness in the community! To see more photos, courtesy of Russ Lee Photography, go to the EDRC website.

Left to Right: Ariel Whitlock, Vanessa McCaslin, Tracey Gold, Kat Brown, Sara Leung, Kathy James, Jamie Lopez & Janice Bremis

Matt Keck, Director of Cielo House

Our Work in Action

“Unfortunately, Medi-Cal’s coverage for treating those suffering from an eating disorder is essentially non existent. I was desperate to find the proper treatment for my client, who was struggling with her anorexia and reaching a dangerously low weight. Thankfully, I found the Eating Disorder Resource Center and was put in contact with Janice Bremis. The EDRC worked tirelessly to provide me with resources and contacts that would provide my client with the care that she needs. Thanks to the EDRC my client is in the process of entering a treatment program at Stanford that is specifically designed to treat eating disorders in adolescents. Thank you for providing a resource that serves all clients struggling with eating disorders regardless of their level of income.”

–Diana Lohr, LCSW

“Thank you, EDRC, for all that you do for thousands of kids who are quietly suffering from eating disorders.”

–Sam Liccardo, San Jose City Council

“Thank you, EDRC, for connecting me with someone who is in recovery. She is the first person I have ever met with an eating disorder, and it sure made me feel good I am not alone. As you know, this is a very isolating and lonely disorder. Thank you so much for being a resource for me and my mother. I need all the support I can get. I just want to get better.”

–Client, 26, Anonymous

The Ultimate Gift of Time, Talent and Treasure Will Last Forever

We are proud to announce that Debra Schlesinger, one of our long time volunteers, has made a bequest to the EDRC. Debra is providing this generous gift in memory of her daughter, Nicole, who passed away after a ten year struggle with anorexia. As a part of Debra’s healing process, she joined the EDRC and began facilitating our Family and Friends support group at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. She recently started a second Family and Friends group in San Mateo hosted by Mills-Peninsula Hospital.

Debra Schlesinger (Left) and Janice Bremis

In addition to her volunteer work with the EDRC, Debra is a mentor, speaker, and community advocate promoting awareness of eating disorder issues.

Naming EDRC as a beneficiary of your will, insurance policy, retirement plan, or trust, as Debra has done, creates a living legacy of generosity to those in need. These gifts can provide EDRC with enduring support while offering you the opportunity to control your own legacy rather than letting the government choose it for you through the estate tax. Learn about leaving your legacy here.

We would also like to thank high school student donor Jessie Hermann for her thoughtful donation. A word from Jessie:

[In a magazine recently,] I read a personal account of a young woman who was struggling with bulimia, and it really breaks my heart that so many women ask themselves, ‘Why can’t I look like her?’… [T]he magazine … also published articles featuring women who advocated quick weight-loss solutions; the underlying message tells you that you aren’t beautiful and that you never will be… I think this is wrong, not to mention that these two types of articles send a very mixed message to a woman or girl of any age…

I have not had an eating disorder, but I feel empathy for those who struggle with their body images. A few years ago, I was sometimes teased for my appearance; I had to wear a back brace, and I dressed like a boy to cover it up. It really hurts when you don’t feel like you fit in or that you are never good enough, even for yourself… Thank you again, and hope my donation is enough to in some way help your center.

If you are interested in making a bequest or donating your time and talent to EDRC, please contact us at

Highlights in the News

In the Huffington Post article Helping Teens with Body Image, author Andrea Wachter addresses the ways in which parents can help teens overcome their body image issues.

The September publication of the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics includes an article titled Reducing Pressure on Children to Eat May Help Prevent Obesity. This study suggests that the risk of obesity declines as pressure on children to eat is reduced.

This month, Mercury News featured an article by Sheila Himmel: “The needle is moving even on attitudes about weight.” People are starting to speak up about what is shown and said in the media, and you can too!

A Special Thank You!

We would like to extend a special thank you to El Camino Hospital for their $15,000 contribution to EDRC, which will go toward our Awareness, Prevention and Education program. According to Barbara Avery, Community Benefit Director: “El Camino Hospital is pleased to support EDRC. Thank you for the excellent work your center provides. We appreciate having your expert team of volunteers and resources available for our hospital, our community, and our partners.”

Educating the Community and Raising Awareness

“Thank you for having Dr. Debra Safer, Co-Director of the Stanford Adult Eating Disorders Program, speak to our National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) members about eating disorders. Her presentation demonstrated that eating disorders are biologically-based, serious mental illnesses and that their severity is under acknowledged. This is an area where there is little information and much misunderstanding. We appreciate Dr. Safer’s shedding light on how eating disorders often co-occur with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and personality disorders. We look forward to continue to partner with EDRC in bringing awareness to the community about this complex and often hidden medical illness.” –Kathy Forward, NAMI Board Member.

In October, Jennifer Moiles, Holistic Health Educator, and Kira Olson, EDRC Program Manager, presented to students ages 13-18 at Ballet San Jose on “Nutrition and Healthy Habits for Dancers.”  Thank you to Dalia Rawson, Ballet Director, for helping coordinate the talk. The students walked away with tips for healthy living and greater awareness of eating disorder danger signs.

Over the next several months, EDRC is working with two high school students, Bryan Leung and Rose Yan, on a senior project of their choice. The two students chose eating disorders, specifically the differences between males and females with eating disorders and the effects of the media in relation to body image and beauty. Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog they posted on, an online community created by and for teens, dedicated to promoting positive body image and encouraging healthy attitudes about food and weight.

To set up a presentation for your organization, work place, school, medical group or clinic, please contact

EDRC Office Has a New Home

In September, EDRC relocated from Campbell to a new office building. We now work out of the Mission Oaks Campus of Good Samaritan Hospital at 15891 Los Gatos Almaden Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032. We are grateful to Good Samaritan Hospital for hosting us and are excited about collaborating with them to provide a greater resource to the community.We’d like to see you. Please let us know if you’re planning to come by — some of our work is out in the community and we don’t want to miss you! Just call us at 408-356-1212.

It’s the time of year for giving! All of us at EDRC wish you and your family a healthy and peaceful holiday season and a happy New Year! Please consider EDRC for your year-end giving. You may choose to honor or remember a loved one, physician, colleague, or friend this holiday season by making a gift to EDRC. We will send a hand-made card sharing your gift to whomever you would like to acknowledge.

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