Kimberly Kuhn, LCSW

Kimberly Kuhn, LCSW

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CREDENTIALS/DISCIPLINE: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Board Certified: Yes-Board of Behavioral Sciences

Number of years treating patients with eating disorders: 10+ years

Number of patients with eating disorders you treat annually: 15+

EDUCATION, TRAINING, and EXPERTISE: I graduated from Syracuse University with my Masters in Social Work and received and advanced graduate certificate in Women’s studies. I have specialized in eating disorders throughout my career and have attended several trainings on the treatment of eating disorders including the Annual Renfrew Conference. Also a licensed acupuncturist. I have a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University.


I take a holistic approach to treatment including a variety of techniques based on each persons needs. Often times with eating disorders this includes cognitive behavioral therapy and can include family therapy when it will be beneficial to the individual I’m working with. I treat both the symptoms of an eating disorder while also addressing any underlying issues that may have contributed to the development of an eating disorder. I use an empowerment and holistic model to guide my clients through the recovery process so they can heal, recover, and love themselves, inside and out.

Yes I believe recovery is possible and I define it as: I see recovery as being a physical, emotional, and mental recovery process. Physically- it includes maintaining an appropriate weight, eating well, and finding a healthy balance of exercise. Mentally and emotionally- it includes finding freedom from the eating disorder and all that it entails: obsessive thinking about food and weight, negative self talk, and no longer trying to gain control in an unhealthy matter. It also includes the person loving and accepting ones body just as it is and treating oneself in a kind and nurturing way. Overall, high self esteem is discovered and maintained and the individual is able to use resources and coping skills when any triggers or struggles occur. Recovery is about allowing yourself to be on the journey of self care and healing.


POPULATIONS SERVED: Adolescents, Adults, Athletes, Couples, Ethnic Minorities, Families, Females, GLBT, Males

CONDITIONS TREATED: Abuse, Addictions, Affective Disorders, Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, Co-Morbidity, Compulsive Exercise, NOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Overeater, Overweight, Other-Substance abuse and self mutilation

TREATMENT APPROACHESArt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Couples Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Psychoanalysis

TREATMENT SETTINGS: Outpatient, Phone Counseling, E-therapy (email) Support

FEES: Cash, Personal Checks, Sliding Scale. “Provider out of the network” in a PPO – Will bill on behalf of patient.