Kathleen Eldredge, PhD

Kathleen Eldredge, PhD

441 California Avenue, Suite 4
Palo Alto, CA  94306
(650) 917-0169
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CREDENTIALS/DISCIPLINE: B.A., Psychology, Stanford University Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Rutgers University, 1991 2 year Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine, Stanford Medical School Licensed in California since 1992.

Board Certified: No

Number of years treating patients with eating disorders: 10+ years

Number of patients with eating disorders you treat annually: 15+

EDUCATION, TRAINING, and EXPERTISE: Trained in Cognitive behavioral and Interpersonal approaches to treat people with Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating, and Overeating/Obesity. Skill building to end troubling eating behavior, improve body image, and better manage mood and distress.


My aim is to help people motivate to change, appreciate and trust their bodies, let go of harmful messages that can fuel the struggle with eating and body image, and develop full and meaningful lives that do not include eating disorders.

I feel you can recover from an eating disorder and I define recovery as: Recovery goes beyond no longer engaging in eating disordered behaviors and body image disparagement. It means no longer allowing self-worth to be defined by weight and shape (e.g., no obsessing, no comparisons). Recovery means being able to appreciate one’s body for what it is and how it works. It also means living a full life. Recovery does not mean never being affected by these issues again; it does mean being able to face them directly, in a healthy manner if and when they do arise.


POPULATIONS SERVED: Adults, Athletes, Females, GLBT, Males, Seniors.

CONDITIONS TREATED: Abuse, Affective Disorders, Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating, Bulimia Nervosa, Co-Morbidity, Compulsive Exercise, NOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified), Overeater, Overweight, Anxiety Disorders.

TREATMENT APPROACHESCognitive Behavioral, Individual Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy. Experienced in working as part of a team.


FEES: Cash, Personal Checks, Insurance: Patient needs to apply for reimbursement, “Provider out of the network” in a PPO: Patient needs to apply for reimbursement.