Andrea Wachter, MFT

Andrea Wachter, MFT

5905 Soquel Drive, Suite 250
Soquel, CA 95073
(831) 476-7500

Not wheelchair accessible

CREDENTIALS/DISCIPLINE: LMFT I specialize in eating disorders and other addictions

Board Certified: No.

Number of years treating patients with eating disorders: 10+ years

Number of patients with eating disorders you treat annually: 15+

EDUCATION, TRAINING, and EXPERTISE: Masters in counseling, interned at addictions rehab center, almost 20 years in private practice, training with Process Therapy Institute and on a personal level, I am recovered from an eating disorder myself.


I work with clients to help stabilize their eating and weight to a healthy level. There must be a team of doctor and dietician if they are bulimic, anorexic or severely obese. I help clients find their way to peace with food and body and depending on their stage, duration of disorder and history of trauma, I work with them on either intuitive eating or finding some loving, non-diet, moderate approach with food. (We call this a Live-It) Then we work to find and heal the emotions they are eating or restricting over. We also work on a cognitive level to address their black and white thinking, perfectionism and in general, learning how to question and change their faulty thoughts. I also work on a deeper level, teaching mindfulness and mediation techniques and helping clients to connect to their hearts and their passions, helping them to find a spiritual sense of themselves and the world- beyond the non-stop cycles of the busy mind. In essence, I try to take clients deeper, beyond the surface and constant symptoms of food and weight to address all the deeper issues mentioned above.

Yes, I think it is possible to recover from an eating disorder and define recovery as: When someone no longer diets and sees any food as “good or bad.” They no longer binge or overeat in relation to emotions or thoughts. They take good, sweet care of their body and have a perspective about what is truly important in life. They are able and willing to feel the range of emotions that humans have and they have a balanced life filled with quiet time, social time, learning, growing and have learned healthy communication skills in their relationships. They are no longer perfectionist but allow themselves and others to be human. They live more and more in the present moment and much less in the past and future.


POPULATIONS SERVED: Adolescents, Adults, Athletes, Children, Couples, Families, Females, GLBT, Males, and Seniors.

CONDITIONS TREATED: Addictions, Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, Co-Morbidity, Compulsive Exercise, Night Eating Syndrome, NOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Overeater, and Overweight.

TREATMENT APPROACHESCognitive Behavioral, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Support Groups, and Other (please specify) – I often do Process Therapy with clients and find that to be most effective along with education, cognitive work, spiritual teachings and self disclosure about my own addictions recovery.

TREATMENT SETTINGS: Outpatient and phone counseling.

FEES: Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Sliding Scale, if “Provider out of the network” in a PPO, patient needs to apply for reimbursement.