NEW ED/Body Image Support Group – El Camino

December 12, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
El Camino Hospital - Conference Room C
2500 Grant Rd
Mountain View, CA 94040
Kristen Lohse

From the 8.4.16 EDRC press release:

Are you unhappy with your body?  Do you compulsively exercise?  Do you spend too much time thinking about food and/or caloric intake?  Maybe you want to make changes in your thoughts or behaviors, maybe you haveto make changes, or maybe you are not quite sure what you need yet.  Change and reaching out for help can be unsettling and scary, which is why EDRC offers support groups in Los Gatos and Mountain View as a service to the community.  The goal of the group is to create a safe place for those struggling with eating disorders and body image dissatisfaction to find community, support, understanding, and hope.  The group is open to all ages, genders, and types of eating issues.  It is not a structured group; rather it is open for sharing, asking questions, offering and receiving support or just listening.

Many people struggle with secrecy and shame around having an eating disorder.  A support group can provide relief, options, hope, and a sense of community through connection by sharing experiences with others who understand.” Janice Bremis, Executive Director

View the support group flyer here.