Irvington High School Volunteers Represent EDRC at 2017 Evergreen Valley College (EVC) Strong Women Leadership Conference

On March 18, three volunteers from Irvington High School represented EDRC at the 2017 Evergreen Valley College Strong Women Leadership Conference. Presented by the San Jose chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Evergreen Valley College Women and Gender Studies Department, the event included a resource fair, raffle contest, and a variety of workshops on campus sexual assault, healthy relationships, and positive body image.

Below is Katherine Chen’s reflection on the event:

“The Strong Women Conference was such a wonderful experience. Seeing all the people there who cared so much about the empowerment of women really inspired me. The guest speakers were so influential and powerful, and it was an honor getting to hear them speak about their hardships and successes.”

“There were many workshops to choose from, and we attended ‘When Women Lead, Women Win!’ by Chandra Brooks and ‘A Heavy Price: The Effect of Weight Stigma’ by Dr. Jen Henretty and Jamie Atkins. Both of these left me with a lasting impact. Chandra Brooks talked about how women can and should strive for the best instead of settling for ‘safe’ positions, since that is how women often act. Most success is primarily the result of hard work. People, especially women, work hard to get to where they are, but often times, people only see the final result and call it luck. In the second workshop, the presenters stressed the importance of how health is not defined by weight, and how many aspects of modern society and culture stigmatize weight.”

“Overall, this was a very rewarding experience and it left me with a very powerful impression of how women can also reach the top if they go for it, even if society often holds women back from doing so.”

View Katherine’s photos of the event below.

Volunteers Katherine Chen (L) and Amanda Tran (R) pose with the EDRC conference booth. 

Volunteers Amanda Tran (L) and Kyra Lorenzo (R) pose with the EDRC conference booth.

The EDRC conference booth. Volunteers created an informational board with eating disorder facts and resources. The booth also served as a safe space for visitors to share their thoughts about eating disorders.

One of the workshops attended by EDRC volunteers.